iPhone Pick: Acompli Email and Calendar


Leo’s App Cap Award from iPad Today episode 196 is Acompli Email and Calendar for Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and Gmail. The app aims to make it easier to manage email and the common tasks that go along with it. You can quickly take action on messages by using the swipe gesture. A long swipe will delete a message, while a short swipe archives it. It also has a predictive search that works as fast as you type. It will suggest topics or people related to the search.

Acompli goes beyond just sorting through your messages. It has a calendar built-in that integrates with your email. This means you can view and add events, get reminders, share your location, and send out meeting times without leaving the app.

Acompli manages attachments sent in emails as well. It can display them all in one list that can easily be searched. You can open and view the files, and attach files to new messages. The files don’t have to be downloaded to your phone first to send them — you can send them right from your mobile inbox.

The next section of the app is a contact list that’s based on who you email most. Selecting a person from your contact list will, of course, show their contact information. But it will also show all conversations with that person, meetings in your calendar with that person, and files associated with him or her.

Acompli aims to help you get more done without having to keep switching from app to app. This is technically an iPhone app, but it works well on iPad. It even will adjust to landscape mode. Acompli is free in the Apple App Store.

- Learn more about Acompli Email and Calendar (Official Website)
- Get Acompli Email and Calendar (Free)

To see Leo Laporte demonstrate Acompli, check out iPad Today episode 196.