iPad Pick: Two Dots

Two Dots

Sarah Lane's app cap on iPad Today 203 is Two Dots. This is the followup to the popular game 'Dots' by Betaworks One. Two Dots is the same idea as the original, but has 110 different levels and various achievements to earn. Instead of only connecting dots, you'll sink anchors, make bombs, put out fires and more. The dots even take on more personalities and you'll encounter characters like yetis and squids.

Two Dots can be played individually, or you could challenge friends on Facebook. The game is free to download and play, but there are several opportunities to pay in-game. For instance, since Two Dots gives you a set amount of moves to complete a level, you could buy more moves to beat it. This game is more complex than Dots, but it still has that same addictive quality to it.

- Learn more about Two Dots (Official Website)
- Get Two Dots from the App Store (Free)

To see a demonstration of Two Dots, check out iPad Today episode 203 with Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte.