iPad Pick: Storehouse


Rene Ritchie's pick on MacBreak Weekly episode 386 is Storehouse, a website and iPad app. Storehouse was created by Mark Kawano and his team. Kawano worked on the interface of Photoshop, then went on to Apple to work on Aperture, iPhoto, and become a user experience evangelist. He left last year to start his own company, where he developed Storehouse.

Storehouse is an app created for telling stories through photography. It provides a template where you can add, organize, and arrange photos, and then share them to friends. The app is very physics-based, so images are easy to stretch, move around, and snap into place. You can add photos from a variety of sources including Flickr, Instagram, and your camera roll on iOS. It also can take video, so you can add some movement into the story.

Once you create a free Storehouse account, you can see other people's stories and easily construct and share your own. This is a great alternative to using Apple's Pages, or creating a Wordpress or Tumblr site to try and accomplish something similar.

- Get Storehouse for iPad (Free)
- Find out more about Storehouse at storehouse.co

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