iPad Pick: Solar Walk

Solar Walk

Sarah Lane’s App Cap pick from iPad Today 194 is Solar Walk. This is a 3D model of the Solar System that enables you to navigate through space and time. It uses fun animations and lets you zoom and spin the Solar System around to get different perspectives.

You can zoom in to see planets close-up, and even see their inner make-up. Solar Walk gives you detailed information that you can read about planets, moons, and the Sun. It explains the history of exploration, the planet’s trajectories, and more. The app also contains real-time trajectories of Earth’s satellites. For extra in-app purchases, you can get access to real satellite imagery.

This is a fantastic, interactive way for students to learn about our Solar System. There’s plenty for the casual space enthusiast to enjoy, too. Solar Walk is $2.99, and is available on both iPhone and iPad in the app store.

- Get Solar Walk for iPad & iPhone ($2.99)

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