iPad Pick: Leo's Fortune

Leo's Fortune

Sarah Lane's app cap award on iPad Today 196 went to an app called Leo's Fortune. This is a platform adventure game with realistic graphics and great depth of field that give it a unique style. The premise of the game is to help Leo -- a puffy ball that resembles Oscar the Grouch -- hunt down the thief that stole his gold.

Leo's Fortune takes you through various beautiful environments including forests, deserts, cities, and mountains. While following the trail of gold, you'll have to figure out physics-based puzzles and avoid traps to survive the levels.

Once you complete all of the levels, you can unlock the Hard-core mode, where you can earn a special prize by beating the whole game without dying. You can also compete with Game Center friends by completing as many levels as you can as fast as possible.

- Get Leo's Fortune ($4.99)

To see Sarah demonstrate Leo's Fortune, check out iPad Today episode 196.