iPad Pick: Joy of Cooking

Joy of Cooking

Leo Laporte's app cap from iPad Today 198 is the Joy of Cooking app by Culinate, Inc. This comes from Culinate, Inc - the same developers who made the How to Cook Everything app. The Joy of Cooking started as a book back in 1931 written by Irma Rombauer. It's been revised 7 times since then, and this app is the latest version. Joy of Cooking isn't a cook book with particularly creative or fancy recipes. It does, however, have the definitive best recipes for a lot of classic dishes.

Joy of Cooking has some great features that make it convenient to use while you're in the kitchen. For instance, It can speak the steps in the recipe as you go. You can even give it voice commands, so you don't have to touch the screen to advance to the next step, or have it repeat something. There's also a "Sleep Lock" option to prevent the iPad's screen from turning off while you're busy cooking.

The Joy of Cooking breaks down the process of cooking into easy-to-follow steps, which takes away some of the intimidation some people have about it. The app can help you shop for the ingredients needed with a built-in shopping list. It even can sort by aisle so you can be more efficient while in the grocery store.

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