iPad Pick: Foldify Zoo

Foldify Zoo

Sarah Lane's pick on iPad Today 195 is Foldify Zoo by Pixle. This lets you design an animal, print it and then fold it into a 3D figure by following the app's instructions. It's geared toward kids, and provides information about each animal including a map of where in the world that animal comes from.

When you design the animal, you can choose the colors, add funny faces, and more. You can even draw on the flat, unfolded view, and get a real-time preview of what it will look like completed. When it comes time to print your creation, you can either use Apple's AirPrint or email it as a PDF.

After you're done, you can share your creation with other users. There are also options to share it through email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also browse other figures from users all over the world.

- Get Foldify Zoo for iPad ($1.99)
- Learn more about Foldify by Pixle (Official Website)

For Sarah Lane's demonstration of Foldify Zoo, check out iPad Today episode 195.