iOS Pick: Waterlogue


Andy Ihnatko's pick on MacBreak Weekly episode 393 is Waterlogue for iOS by Tinrocket. Waterlogue transforms photographs into watercolor images, but not in the same way a simple filter would. Waterlogue actually rebuilds the image based on the shapes and colors from the photo. It uses the same techniques that a watercolor artist would use if it really was being painted.

Waterlogue doesn't give you a lot of manual control over the process, but you can have it do various interpretations of the original photo. Andy finds that sometimes the result can have an "uncanny valley" effect, where it doesn't quite look enough like a watercolor painting. But if you give it the right image, it can look very convincing. You can check out Andy's sample images from Waterlogue at

Brushstroke is another app that's similar to Waterlogue, but it turns photos into oil paintings instead of watercolors. Both apps are $2.99 in the iOS app store, and have versions available for iPhone and iPad.

- Learn more about Waterlogue
- Buy Waterlogue ($2.99)
- Buy Brushstroke ($2.99)

Hear more about Waterlogue and Brushstroke on MacBreak Weekly episode 393.