iOS Pick: Threes!


Rene Ritchie's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly episode 389 is an iOS game for iPhone and iPad called Threes! The game is played by combining 2's and 1's to make threes, then you can combine number pairs. Every time you combine something, it adds up. The goal is to get the highest values and challenge friends to beat your highest score.

Numbers can be combined by swiping in any direction. When you swipe, new numbers appear, and when the screen is completely full of numbers the game is over. Games of Threes! go fairly quick, it's incredibly fun, and it's addictive in a way that isn't maddening like Flappy Bird. There's no in-app purchases and no ads in the game, the developer only asks for $1.99 up front.

- Learn more about Threes!
- Get Threes! in the iOS app store ($1.99)

To hear Rene's recommendation of Threes!, check out MacBreak Weekly episode 389.