iOS Pick: Reuters Sports Reel

Reuters Sports Reel />
<p>Sarah Lane's app cap award from <a href=iPad Today 205 went to Reuters Sports Reel. This app provides photographic coverage of major sporting events from around the world, including the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France, Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, and US Open Tennis. Pictures are delivered to you in almost real time from professional photographers and editors from the Reuters news agency.

Reuters Sports Reel has schedules and countdown clocks for upcoming events. You can also check rosters to see where your favorite teams stand, and get customized notifications so you'll be informed right as the action happens. This is a great way to keep up with major sporting events when you can't watch it live.

Reuters Sports Reel is available for free for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store. To see a demonstration of Reuters Sports Reel, check out iPad Today episode 205 with Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte.