iOS Pick: Godus


Leo Laporte's app cap award on iPad Today 211 went to the iPad game "Godus" by independent company 22cans. This game was designed by Peter Molyneux, the creator the god game 'Populous' that was originally released in 1989. Godus strongly resembles Populous, and once again you can grow and rule over a world.

You start out with a very primitive world, which you can mold, sculpt, and develop. You'll be leading your followers throughout the ages of humanity, all the way to the space age. You can use your divine powers to sculpt rivers and grow forests, or you can cause epic destruction by throwing meteors and spreading fires.

Godus is very addictive and fun to play. It's free to download, but there are additional gems you can buy as in-app purchases. Gems can be earned in game, so buying more is not a necessity -- it will only help you get things faster.

- Learn more about Godus (Official Website)
- Get Godus for iPhone and iPad in the App Store (Free)

To see Leo play Godus, check out iPad Today episode 211 with Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane.