iOS Pick: Cinamatic


Leo Laporte's app cap award on iPad Today 207 goes to Cinamatic. This app comes from the makers of the popular photo app, Hipstamatic. With Cinamatic, you can shoot 3 to 15 seconds of video, then choose from a set of video filters to apply. You can even see what the filters look like in real time as you play back your video. Cinamatic comes with a free set of filters, but there are more available as separate in-app purchases. Once you're finished with your video, you can instantly post it to Instagram, Vine, or Facebook right from within Cinamatic.

The basic version of Cinamatic is free, but there is a pro version that has additional features. For instance, Cinamatic Pro gives you advanced image controls, clip merging, the ability to rearrange segments, and add a soundtrack from your iTunes library. Cinamatic is a universal app, so it works great on both iPhone and iPad.

- Learn more about Cinamatic (Official Website)
- Get Cinamatic in the App Store (Free)

To see a demonstration of Cinamatic Pro, check out iPad Today episode 207.