iOS Pick: Blek

Leo's app cap on iPad Today episode 199 is a game called Blek by Denis Mikan. Simply draw a line so that it will pass through the colored dots, and avoid the black dots. The pattern you drew will keep cycling until it either passes through the colored dots, goes off the screen, bounces off the right or left side walls, or gets sucked into a black hole.

The game has fun graphics and soothing sounds. There are 60 levels, each one getting more difficult than the last, and the developer says more levels will be coming soon. Each level has countless solutions, and you may even find that you beat levels off of pure luck. This is a very fun and addictive game, and is a universal app on iPhone and iPad.

- Learn more about Blek
- Get Blek for iOS ($2.99)

To watch Leo demonstrate Blek, check out iPad Today 199.