iOS Pick: Beatwave


Sarah Lane's app cap award on iPad Today 206 went to Beatwave. This is a music app for people with no musical ability at all. You can make melodies by tapping out patterns on a grid. Then you can share your creations via Twitter, Facebook, Email, or Soundcloud. You can even save the tracks you make to be used as ringtones for your iPhone.

There are 10 instruments that come with Beatwave, and over 200 more available for purchase in the Beatwave store. You can even layer multiple instruments to build up more sophisticated songs. There's also 12 audio effects including reverb, delay, echo, chorus, and more. Beatwave is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

- Learn more about Beatwave (Official Website)
- Get Beatwave for iOS (Free)

To see a live demonstration of Beatwave from Sarah Lane, check out iPad Today episode 206.