Google buys Titan Aerospace

Google has acquired a company called Titan Aerospace, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal site. Titan makes solar powered drones that can stay aloft for years. Previous reports said that Facebook was near an acquisition of the company.

Facebook's desire to acquire Titan was widely viewed as a reaction to Google's Project Loon, which could relay Internet connectivity to remote areas via high-altitude balloon. That's why Google's acquisition comes as such a surprise: Not only did the public expect Facebook to grab it, but they also assumed Google would approach the problem with balloons instead of drones. Now they've got both.

The Journal reports that Titan will work with the Project Loon team, as well as an airborne wind turbine company Google has already acquired called Makani.

Don't worry about Facebook. The company did buy Ascenta, recently, which is another company that makes solar-powered drones.