Android Pick: Scene


The winner of Android Arena this week was Gina Trapani's app recommendation: "Scene - a new way to do photos" by Ripplex Inc. This is a simple and straightforward photo app that organizes your photos by date. You can create as many albums as you'd like, mark images as favorites for quick access, and share photos with friends.

Scene puts all of your photos on a calendar interface. Tap on a month or specific date to see all of the photos taken at that time. It has a "smart slider" that makes it fast and easy to scroll back to a certain point in time. You can also see all of your photos in a grid view, so you can easily add several photos at once into albums.

You don't have to sign up for an account to use Scene on your phone. If you do create an account, photos will be synced to across your tablets and smartphones that have the app installed. Photos can be shared with friends through Scene, even if they don't have an account. This would be good for family members that aren't on social network sites. Scene also has options for sharing images to Facebook, Google Plus, email, and more.

- Get Scene - A new way to share photos (Google Play)

To hear Gina Trapani's recommendation of Scene, check out All About Android episode 156.