Android Pick: Network Monitor Mini

Network Monitor Mini

The winner of this week's Android Arena on All About Android was Network Monitor Mini, an app chosen by Daniel Lietzan. Network Monitor Mini gives you live statistics of your network's bandwidth, and will show the current upload and download speeds. There's also a beta feature that will break down what apps are using bandwidth.

The Network Monitor Mini indicator can be customized to appear in any corner of your phone's screen. You can also change the color, size, font, width, height, and transparency value of it. The prefixes before the values can be customized too.

There's a free and pro version of Network Monitor Mini. The free version includes the live network traffic meter and display customization options. The Pro version has the ability to show in the status bar, automatically hide when there's no traffic or when specific apps are running, and more.

- Get Network Monitor Mini (Free)
- Get Network Monitor Mini Pro ($1.00)

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