Android Pick: Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

The winner of this week's Android Arena is Bryan Burnett's pick: Final Fantasy VI by Square Enix. This game debuted in 1994 on Super Nintendo, and has been recreated for the Android platform. This is complete with the vast, detailed story and characters of the original game.

This game isn't just an emulator of the old version. Square Enix has improved upon the graphics, character art, and animations. They implemented new, intuitive controls tailored for touch screens. They also added some new features to the game, such as a list of monsters that you fight, and an easy way to go back and read the story.

Final Fantasy VI just came out in late January, and the developers have been quick to release updates and fix problems. Square Enix also sells Final Fantasy IV and V in the Google Play store. They also have Final Fantasy III, but it's the Japanese release of it. If you loved the original Final Fantasy VI game, then this will be a very nostalgic and enjoyable experience.

- Get Final Fantasy VI in the Google Play store ($15.99)

To see Bryan Burnett's demonstration of Final Fantasy VI, check out All About Android episode 148.