Android Pick: Agent


The winner of this week's Android Arena was Ron Richard's pick: Agent. This is an app that adds 5 features to your phone or tablet to save time and energy. It has settings that automatically take effect when you're low on battery, sleeping, driving, parking, or in a meeting. The app has a "view activity" screen as well, so you can see each and every thing that Agent is doing for you.

The automatic battery saving feature will turn on when your battery reaches a certain percentage, which you can specify. It will switch off all non-critical functions including pausing autosync, dimming the screen, turning bluetooth off, and turning off data or WiFi. You can configure what things you want turned on or off when your battery gets low.

The sleep feature will turn on during the hours that you choose. It will turn off all ringers, notifications, and alerts. If someone tries calling you during your designated sleep time, it can even automatically send them a text on your behalf.

Agent will keep track of your Google Calendar for when meetings are scheduled, and change your phone's settings accordingly. It will switch your phone to vibrate and turn off audio alerts.

Agent can detect your phone's movement when you're driving, and it will read incoming text messages aloud. Then you can respond to them by voice. It also will save the location where you parked, so you can easily find your way back to your car.

While Agent has a lot of configurable settings, it's still simple and quick to set up. It's very well designed and doesn't require rooting your phone. Agent is free in the Google Play store.

- Get Agent in the Google Play store (Free)

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