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TWiT Theme Music

Thanks to the amazing Mark Blasco for our fabulous opening Theme. Get your copy here.

Our closing theme, Doin' the TWiT, is by Ashley Witt. You can download that here, too.

And there's also the Nokia Mix version.

We're very grateful to these two professional musicians and composers for their incredible themes - I think they make the show.

Supreme Court Crushes P2P...

For those of you that avoid radio, TV, and most websites, the Supreme Court delivered its ruling in MGM vs. Grokster:

"judges voted unanimously that software companies will be held liable when consumers use the service to illegally download music and movies, overturning an earlier ruling that sheltered peer-to-peer services from legal action.".

This is what you might call a 'big win' for the record companies an movie studios if you didn't realize that a)Bittorrent's kinda hard to crush and b) it's kinda hard to stop offshore companies from picking up the P2P slack. Should be intersting to see what happens to Grokster et al after this.

Vote for Pedro

I'm not big on awards shows - but since I'll be speaking at the Podcast Expo in LA in November, and they're going to be hosting the first annual Podcast Awards, I thought I should at least try to get nominated.

Visit the Podcast Awards Site and cast your vote for TWiT (or TLR or KFI for that matter). Don't do it for me. Do it for Patrick. He never won a ZD Editorial Excellence Award and he deserves something darn it.

UPDATE: Do check the rules - you can only nominate any show in one category. So, for example, you could nominate TWiT in the People's Choice category and the KFI Airchecks in the Technology category, but don't nominate TWiT in both. If you do none of your nominations will be counted.

Nominations close Tuesday - so vote now! (And thanks!!)

Server Update

Vizaweb has given us a shiny new server for TWiT. Now that the DNS change has propagated things should be a little snappier. Thanks, guys!

If all goes according to plan the next episode is the last you'll have any trouble downloading. Starting around July 3, the files will be hosted by someone with almost unlimited bandwidth so we can stop using Coral. We got just way too big for them. I will continue to offer the BitTorrent feeds, though.

Unedited Episode 9

After all the brouhaha over Episode 9 - seems so long ago now - I promised to post the original Teamspeak version of it so those skeptics among you who think content trumps audio quality could see why I had to edit number 9. And why it took so long. We won't be using Teamspeak again. On the other hand, Skype sounded pretty darn good for Episode 10 so I didn't bother with the local recordings. We'll probably stick with Skype for now.

You can get a copy of the raw Episode 9 here. It's about 17 megs and 1:17 long, but I doubt very much you'll get through it.

Sorry, Tony

OK, I owe Tony, and all of you an apology. It was late; I was tired and cranky. I'm sorry I snapped at you, Tony.

I guess my point is that we're doing this for the fun of it. We are really thrilled that you all like it so much, and we're grateful to the listeners who have donated to our cause. Thanks also for all the folks who have volunteered to help me edit the TWiTcast. But none of us TWiTs wants (or needs) another 9 to 5. Or 125,000 new bosses.

I'm just asking you to trust me when I say I am working as hard as I can to get it done and fulfill all my other obligations, as well. I will push it out the minute it's ready. Promise.

Editing the show is fully as much a part of the process as recording it. I try very hard to give you a listenable hour with the right proportion of entertainment and information. This takes time. And it's not something I'm willing to let someone else do.

Just for your edification I will release the TeamSpeak master track from this one (well minus a few things we don't want to appear in public) so you can see the difference. OK, enough time spent posting, back to work. I'll have something for you soon.

Your Money Back If Not Delighted

I got a friendly note last night from Tony:

"I listen to eight podcasts regularly, TWiT is one of only 2 that I subscribe to and pay for (I know I TWiT is free and my "donation" is to help defer the costs, etc.). Of all of the podcasts, TWiT is also the only one that seems to have this many issues being put out on time. I also understand that you guys are trying to get it worked out and are having both technical and labor problems. But to add insult to injury you post a message on the site saying you are having problems and the podcast should be ready that evening and 2 days later it still isn't there and no new messages are posted about it being late. The lack of communication I think is the frustrating part. If you are not going to post when you suggest that you are (6/13- ...and get the 'cast up later today) then post another message saying that you still have issues and you plan on having it up by whatever time. Okay, I am done venting."

I have refunded his money, as I will be glad to do for any of you who feel the same way, although I might point out that we're actually ahead since we shipped two TWiTs last week. I guess I confused Tony with my numbering scheme.

I do apologize for not getting #9 out on time - we did have a FTP problem on Sunday night and I had to leave for Canada the next morning. (I'm not sure why Patrick said I'd have it out later that day - that wasn't something I could do since I didn't get all the pieces until Tuesday.)

I'm still in Toronto as I write this taping Call for Help. I have been working on TWiT every night in my hotel room, but it's not easy doing it on the equipment I have with me. In all likelihood it will be Saturday before I can get it pushed out. And, yes, we'll do another on Sunday.

I do apologize, and once again, if you feel you're not getting your money's worth I will happily refund your donations. Just drop me a line.

Honey, we killed the FTP server...

Howdy folks... there will be about a days delay on ye olde TWITcast since ye olde FTP server got stomped on yesterday. Robert, Kevin and I couldn't get our audio files up to Leo. W/ a little luck Leo will be able to edit 'em together and get the 'cast up later today.

Our apologies,

Another Firefox Favorite: Sage

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an increasingly popular mechanism for providing information you want in a clean and unified format. RSS is best know for streamlining the way people receive their daily news fix, and RSS is proving itself just as capable for tracking and distributing multimedia content.

If you have never experimented with RSS "feeds", may I suggest installing the Firefox plugin Sage.

A description from the developer's website:
Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't.

We're #4

Thanks to Dav in Chicago who pointed out that TWiT showed up in Steve Jobs demo at the World Wide Developer's Conference. Here's the picture from iPodLounge:

and here's the closeup:

Top four podcasts: Air America with Al Franken, The Daily Source Code, iPodlounge's MacCast, and this WEEK in TECH. I think it was the episode where I called Steve arrogant and misguided. Glad he can take a joke.