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TWiT Tuesday

The good news is that I have all the pieces to make this a pretty good sounding podcast. The bad news is that I need about 10 hours of editing time. I won't be able to do that until tomorrow. So expect something tomorrow or early Wednesday.

Delay in TWiT 15

Looks like TWiT 15 will be a little delayed this week.

We had a two hour marathon session including an interview with Opera founder and CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner and a guest appearance by security whiz Steve Gibson.

It's going to be a great show, but once again I'm having trouble with the sound quality and I need to spend more time massaging the file. At least I didn't forget to press record this time. I'll give you an updated ETA Monday.

Thanks for your patience.

Showbiz Tonight

I'll be a guest on CNN Headline News's Showbiz Tonight on Monday 7/25 from 7-8p Eastern to talk about ipods. I'll make sure to plug Diggnation and Dawn and Drew.

Our Mind Numbing Committment to Tech News

Thanks to Virginia Heffernan for our new slogan (see above).

That's a quote from her article about podcasting in today's New York Times (free registration required). She says:

The tech podcasts, including prominent ones like "Diggnation" and "This Week in Tech," are especially prone to [self promotion], and, though annoying for listeners, it evidently pays; both show up on iTunes' list of top-subscribed podcasts, alongside the offerings of mainstream outlets like CNN, NPR, ESPN and iTunes. These two podcasts compensate for their displays of self-love - and their mind-numbing commitment to tech news - with surprisingly valuable information. It was while listening to the jocular dudes of "Diggnation" that I learned that some ionic air purifiers don't work and are harmful, and from the older-sounding, hard-rock types on "This Week in Tech" I discovered that some airlines offer in-flight wireless access to the Internet.

Hard rock types?

I prefer the take of Rob Greenlee of He's quoted in an article on CBS Marketwatch as saying, "it will be the media celebrities like Leo Laporte and Al Franken and Ted Koppel who will dominate the podcasting space." Media celebrity? Hee, hee.

I'm back...

Things hit a fever pitch for me as of late... My new job is going great, I love it. But it is also very long hours when were on set (which we are most days).
Of course I'm still working with From the Shadows. Actually we just released Box 4.0! Check it out.

In my free time... hehehehehehe muhahahaha. Sorry I lost it there for a sec.
My wedding is coming up in a few weeks, so lots of last minute details to take care of. We are also looking to move, so that takes more time to look at places. I am also pursuing a writing opportunity. I don't need sleep do I?

Podcast Awards Update

We've been nominated for Podcast Awards in the People's Choice and Technology categories. Yay!

Thanks for your support! Voting begins today. TWiT Army, you know what to do.

iTunes Compatibility

After a little fussing and fighting I think I've made our main feed iTunes compatible. Apple, being Apple, just had to add a bunch of new tags, and iTunes ignores some of the canonical RSS tags, so it's Apple's way or the highway. I'm not sure how often Apple updates things - not very from the look of it - but eventually the iTunes feed should look as nice as the others. It's kind of embarassing to be the only podcast in the Top 20 with a broken image link.

According to Feedburner's stats, we're getting an additional 20,000 downloads a day from iTunes, so it's worth getting this right. (With a conservative 250,000 downloads per episode we're easily the most listened to podcast in the world.) Now if only we can get featured in the iTunes Technology Podcast section.

By the way, a very hearty thanks to timmyc25 for the logo we're using for iTunes. It's one of several user contributed logos I've been using around the site, as album art, and so forth. We have so many great ones to choose from - thanks to all of you for your contributions.

In the process of fixing the feed for iTunes I've dressed up the RSS in general. From now on all show notes will appear in the RSS description tag, so you'll be able to see them in your aggregator as you listen. (Try it with iPodderX, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

Thanks to Patrick for his heroic efforts in the past two weeks. I'm back from my travels and will resume production duties for TWiT 14. I'm hoping to have a visit from a special guest on that episode - a former Screen Saver cast member who's been strangely silent for the past few months.

See you Sunday at midnight!

All Episode 0013 Torrents are Up... FeedBurner links coming shortly.

My apologies on the delay on delivery, but yesterday was the first full day on a new job (12 hours... counting time spent w/ HR paperwork... joy.), and today's the second.

A big thankee to Robert for updating ya, since I was offline until fairly late last night.

Want to try the new AOL link? Click here!

Leo's back in the saddle for Episode 0014 this Sunday. That should get us back on track for Sunday night delivery.

In search of Episode 13...

I'm not certain when Ep. 13 will be ready for consumption. Soon I hope. You will have a better ETA tomorrow.

I will make it a point to keep everyone updated when the release of our Sunday shows slips behind schedule.

If we cannot consistently get the show out (late) Sunday evening, then the least we can do is post a quick note saying so.

Episode 12: Guns and Racing

On this week's show, I mentioned two places outside of the Vegas strip that I enjoyed visiting. If you feel the need for speed, take a drive out to the XPlex Racepark and enjoy a great 1-mile course with three classes of karts to choose from (mild to wild). By the second lap, you will forget about any monetary losses incurred at the craps table.