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You Could Be the Next Hero of the Month!

We're looking for listeners of The Tech Guy show and leaders in the tech industry to feature as the "Hero of the Month" on the front page of!

There are so many unsung heroes in technology, and this is our way of learning more about them and giving them some well-deserved recognition. It's also a great way to meet some of the contributors to the Tech Guy Labs site.

If you have been an active member helping Leo answer people's questions in the Tech Guy community, or if you know someone who's a real tech hero, email

Help Leo Give Tech Advice

Every weekend, Leo Laporte gives tech advice to listeners on his syndicated radio show, "The Tech Guy".

Now you have the chance to chime in with your own advice, or even correct Leo's answers at In fact, if you're consistently providing helpful answers, we may feature you as the "Hero of the Month" on the front page of the site.

You can also see show notes for each question, guest appearance, or news item linked to the video of that segment from the show.