Honey, we killed the FTP server...

Howdy folks... there will be about a days delay on ye olde TWITcast since ye olde FTP server got stomped on yesterday. Robert, Kevin and I couldn't get our audio files up to Leo. W/ a little luck Leo will be able to edit 'em together and get the 'cast up later today.

Our apologies,

Another Firefox Favorite: Sage

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an increasingly popular mechanism for providing information you want in a clean and unified format. RSS is best know for streamlining the way people receive their daily news fix, and RSS is proving itself just as capable for tracking and distributing multimedia content.

If you have never experimented with RSS "feeds", may I suggest installing the Firefox plugin Sage.

A description from the developer's website:
Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed aggregator extension for Mozilla Firefox. It's got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don't.

We're #4

Thanks to Dav in Chicago who pointed out that TWiT showed up in Steve Jobs demo at the World Wide Developer's Conference. Here's the picture from iPodLounge:

and here's the closeup:

Top four podcasts: Air America with Al Franken, The Daily Source Code, iPodlounge's MacCast, and this WEEK in TECH. I think it was the episode where I called Steve arrogant and misguided. Glad he can take a joke.

I've Got Blisters on Me Fingers

I'm editing as fast as I can.

Meanwhile, to distract you from the later and later release of the TWiTcast (if I take til Saturday do we have to do a new one on Sunday?) here's some eye candy.

Jade Charles at Textamerica has very kindly shipped me all the moblog pictures I have taken over the past couple of years and posted on their great site. I no longer have a moblog there, but I have put up a gallery of the images - nearly 1500 in all - at It's a mini tour of the last days of TechTV. Kinda brings a smile to the lips and a tear to the eye. At least it will give you something to do while I continue work on this week's TWiT!

I've posted our logo submissions there, too.

Please Stand By.... We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

[[insert sound of favorite TV technical difficulties music... I'm a big fan of humming The Girl From Ipamena... or Black Flag's Depression in these circumstances.]]

Beloved Listeners of the TWIT.TV Podcasting networks... Leo's been travelling. There have been plagues. Locusts. Fires. New digital recorders designed to bring utterly spectacular audio quality to your Twit-cast.

OK, the biblical stuff hasn't gone down. Not at least beyond some cricket infestations. We're not too worried about those.

The big problem is the new digital recorders. Throw those together with Leo not having a backup to manage the podcast production and distro when he travels (we're growing this as we go along) and this weeks podcast, well, you know this alrady, gets kinda late.

What Happened to My Site?

You may have noticed that the site looks pretty stripped down. That's a cool feature of Drupal called "throttling." When more than 1500 people are on the site at once I'm turning off many of the bandwidth heavy features to keep the site from bogging down. Comments, etc. will be automatically turned back on when things calm down.

Meanwhile, we're scheduled to record the next TWiTcast in two hours and should have it for you by later tonight. Stay tuned!

Memorial Day Delay

A reminder - TWiT will appear one day later this week due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. I get back from New Orleans Monday night and we'll try to do a show then. If we can't - it may appear the following day.

UPDATE: Gack - it looks like I won't be getting back until 11p Monday night. We'll have to tape Tuesday and get the TWiTcast pushed out at midnight Tuesday.

Very sorry for the delay.

From the Shadows releases third episode! Box 3.0: "0wning 2.4Ghz".

You can find FTS Box3.0 and the other episodes HERE.

Wireless Technology: Revolution, Evolution or both?
There are certain events in our history that have changed the world around us. They were logically named as revolutions (industrial revolution, etc). They have enabled people to better their lives, and change the face of the world. So I think it fits that we call this time the Wireless Revolution. The world around us these days is increasingly becoming more and more entrenched in wireless technology, ranging from cell phones, computers, cameras, to medical equipment. In my travels I have found it hard to find an area without wireless devices playing a part of daily life. Like it or not wireless is not only here to stay its going to effect our very society.

The Darkest Hour Is Before The Dawn

I know, I know. The site is impossible to get to. The podcast is impossible to download. Such is the price of success. You should see what's happening over at systm. I'm really sorry - we're working to fix this as fast as we can, but the bandwidth usage seems to double every week.

The good news is that we are very close to a deal that will give us unlimited bandwidth (without sacrificing our integrity - no Paris Hilton promos, I promise). And lots of people are coming forward with offers of bandwidth and other solutions.

I've received a very kind offer from the folks to host the TWiTcasts there, as well. Click the OurMedia link for any of the six episodes. I'll make sure the new episodes get posted there each week - although I think there's a little bit of a lag making them public:

If you have a BitTorrent client, there are lots of seeds and downloads are very fast.


There's a new P2P kid in town called Dijjer. It's like BitTorrent but is much simpler for users and has fewer firewall issues. If you'd like to try it click the link below. You'll be instructed on how to install the Dijjer plug-in for Windows, Mac, or Linux. (There seems to be a problem with the plug-in and Tiger, but the Windows version works fine for me.) If people like this we'll offer it as yet another way to get the TWiTcast.

Episode 6 Dijjer Style

And thanks to all the folks who have put up mirrors, links, etc. You're really helping out.