Access Denied

Some of you are getting Access Denied messages all of a sudden. That's because you were one of the first few hundred to join and you're not authenticated. I turned on authentication on Tuesday afternoon, so everyone who registered after that should be fine. I'm slowly going through the members and upgrading your accounts. Hang in therre. You will have access soon.

False cancellation notices

Several people have told me that they've received emails from this site saying that their subscription was running out. I have no idea why, but it ain't true. I'm looking into it. Please ignore the emails.

You might check your Paypal account to see if the subscription is still active. No matter what, your membership here remains active.

Welcome to beta test city. Next stop, Meltdown Alley.

I'm an idiot

Sorry - I just crashed the server briefly. I'm trying to fix a problem that's causing many of you some headaches.

(Remember this server is still in its first week - we're very much pre-release!)

There are two legal urls for this site: and The actual server name is but will get aliased to it. The problem is that the two urls are used interchangeably in the code for the software that runs the web site (my fault). So you have cookies in two different flavors. I first noticed this when I was logged out when I went to a different page - you should stay logged in automatically.

The access denied errors many of you are getting are due to two reasons:

1. The interchangeable urls are confusing your cookies. Make sure you're logged in.
2. You don't have full access. Subscribers in the first four days were not automatically assigned member status here.
3. DNS is confused for some reason - and should all produce the same results, but the page returned is unpredictable. (Try it for yourself and let me know what you're seeing).

There are five levels of membership on this site:

1. Anonymous - You can read stuff but can't post comments. Some pages are blocked.
2. Authorized User - You have an account here and can post comments, etc.
3. Member - You have donated to the cause. Members have additional access and will get some special sections soon. Some early donors were made authorized users. You will be ugraded as soon as I can write a script to do so.
4. TWiTs - all the various contributors to the podcast
5. Administrator - me

What you can do here depends on your level. You must have an account and be logged in to post.

I'm working on fixing this, and in a day or so everything should be working as expected. Thanks VERY much for your patience and support.

-- Leo

Privacy Policy

I am working on a formal privacy policy, but in a nutshell it will say:

  1. I have your address, but I promise will never give it to anyone else.
  2. From time to time I may make special mailings to TWiT donors, but they will be infrequent and will never contain spam.
  3. I will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your email address is secured on our network as welll.

If you paid with PayPal you should check their privacy policy, too.

Episode 4 In Pre-Production

I'm working on setting up our next show, the Mother's Day edition of this WEEK in TECH. To that end I've invited new mother Megan Morrone to join us. I've also put out a call to a number of other TechTV stalwarts to see if they can stop by. As usual, we won't know until it happens.

Mark Williamson has very kindly offered us the use of his T1 and a dedicated TeamSpeak server. We'll be trying it out over the next few days. It will allow us to have more people on the show, and eventually take live calls, as well. Not sure how it will sound though. Priority #1 one is improving the production values and sound quality on the show.

Is it naptime yet?

Howdy all... I've got to finish my homework on and then I'll be back here w/ something much more interesting than this!

Here's a question: how many of ya'll listen to MP3s in the car, and in what format?

Let me know!

Joining the Fray

I'll be checking in as much as I can to help Leo out in this effort. Once I get Skype working better on my connection you'll be hearing me now and again too.

We Need A Logo!

The template I'm using is very pretty and all, but it's a generic template that comes with Drupal. I'd really really like to customize it with a TWiT logo. We need something simple and small - comparable to the boxed arrow logo you see all over the site right now. (Look in the upper left corner.)

Anyone have any good ideas?

I'm open to a full redesign, too. If you're a site designer and you'd like a permanent credit on the front page, email me with your portfolio. I'd love someone who has Drupal experience (it's very very flexible with both CSS and PHP support in templates). A little Flash sparkle would be nice, too. But legibility, friendliness, and ease of use are paramount.

Podcast Difficulties

I know some people are having trouble with downloading the podcasts. If you're having problems post here. If you have solutions, help out!

Most of the problems I'm aware of involve ipodder and Doppler on Windows. There are two issues here:

1. Older versions of ipodder have problems with my aliased urls. When ipodder sees the 301 Page Moved message it assumes it's an error and gives up. This has been fixed in version 2. Solution: upgrade to ipodder 2

2. ipodder and Doppler have difficulties with the BitTorrent feeds. You must have a separate BitTorrent client installed (iPodderX comes with a client built-in). Read the documentation for your podcast client - sometimes getting BitTorrent working is tricky. Solutions: Use iPodderX, or don't use the BitTorrent feeds.

Testing 1-2-3

Welcome to the preliminary stages of creation for the new thisWEEKinTECH site. You can reach this page from or

The design is just a placeholder until some kind person steps forward to do something better. We're running on Drupal today and the templates are heavily CSS driven, so modifying the design is simple.

In due course I'll set up the new TWIT feeds. Meanwhile, they're still being hosted at

You can register for this site if you want to play with it, but be warned, once I decide on a final design and engine all the existing registrations may be blown out. TWIT subscribers will automatically receive memberships.