Wanna help me break a server? DigitalLifeTV Episode 5 goes out LIVE at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific

Howdy all!

We're broadcasting Episode 05 of DigitalLifeTV tonight at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific.

It requires the Windows Media Player (and a broadband connection) to watch it live.

The link goes up around 5:45... and we'll be IPcasting from our half built studio.

iPod nano, OpenOffice 2.0 beta, demos of F.E.A.R, Age of Empires III and Serious Sam II, viewer questions and lots more. Like the ButtKicker Gamer (you'll have to watch to find out), and a most excellent sub-$100 laser printer.

Anyhow, if everybody could dogpile on that link, I'd be so thrilled... we're trying to see what the live server can take.

1 million downloads

I just got an email from Jeff Graham, king of podcasting at AOL Radio, and he tells me that between TWiT and Security Now! we've surpassed one million downloads from their servers.

I don't even want to know how many terabytes that is.

And that doesn't include all the BitTorrent copies and downloads from mirrors and this site.

Thanks to all of you for making TWiT the biggest success in the short history of podcasting!

Incidentally, I've now posted all the previous episodes on the AOL host, so you can download any you've missed. The general URL is:

replace the #### with the epidode number padded with leading zeros: 0001, 0002, ... 0021 and don't forget the wild card 0008A special edition. (In future I'll just number them, even if they come out midweek).

You can get the show notes for any episode by entering

where # is the episode number (minus the zeroes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 21 - the show notes also have direct links to AOL.

Thanks for your support!!!!!

Thanks Apple!

TWiT is featured on Apple's iPod Nano site - visit the features page and click "Podcasts."

Live from the Apple Store

Tomorrow's the big day! We're live from the Apple Store - 1 Stockton St. San Francisco. Click the image for directions and further information.

I will begin setting up at 3p. Festivities begin at 3:30p, including a live performance of Doin' The TWiT from our house composer Ashley Witt. Scheduled guests include Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, my old co-host Gina Smith, Konfabulator's Arlo Rose, and many more - subject to change, of course.

We begin recording at 4p. Arrive early for a good seat. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Please come and join the fun!

Katrina Relief

New Orleans is one of the most beautiful cities in the world - the people there are warm and wonderful and the entire region needs our prayers and help.

I'm going to make a donation in the name of TWiT, but I'd encourage you to help in any way you can. I know we have many many listeners in Mississipi and Louisiana. We're praying for you all.

Please give to the American Red Cross.

Pocket Protectors Delayed

Bad news - the pocket protectors are delayed until after the Apple Store appearance. We will have them in time for our 9/18 debut at Noonan's however.

Looks like we might have to make another print run for donors!

Mind Numbing Committment to Self-Promotion

Want to read a halfway intelligent article about podcasting while you wait for TWiT 20 to seed?

This article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat is right on. It has a nice picture of me doing Security Now!, too.

It's Not Their Fault

I've corresponded with Rick Klau at Feedburner and he's explained what happened. He merely quoted numbers that were already available publicly through the Feedburner Awareness API - something I had turned on months ago when I was playing with the feed count badges. I didn't realize having that on made the information public, even though Kevin Rose had shown me the "secret" URL that reveals the information a few weeks ago. I should have been paying more attention. (The Feedburner blog clarifies this API - worth reading for publishers using FB.)

Some good has come of this. Feedburner has wisely changed its policy about publicly commenting on feed numbers. And I've realized the problems inherent in passing my feeds through a third party.

I no longer think Feedburner violated its privacy policy - I had inadvertantly already made those numbers public. Sort of. However, I'm still moving off Feedburner - there was really no reason to use it except my own laziness, and now that I've started the process I see no reason to stop.

They seem like nice guys, however, and genuinely pained by the situation. I'm sorry that I cast aspersions their way. I wish them all the best. It's a good service and I appreciate the help it provided getting my podcasts off the ground.

Boy Was I Dumb

As some of you probably know, we pump our RSS feed through Feedburner. Feedburner processes the feed and generates some stats from it. I've always had some misgivings about using Feedburner - if anything should happen to them our feed would go down. In addition, there are some privacy issues - they see the IP address of every click that goes through them.

Unfortunately I didn't trust my gut and went ahead and used Feedburner. In fact, a great many podcasters use Feedburner. It provides a real convenience. But at a cost.

Yesterday Information Week published an article about podcasting quoting Feedburner's VP Business Development, Rick Klau. Klau quoted a figure of 41,000 for our subscribers. This is in direct violation of Feedburners stated privacy policy, and I consider it a real breach of trust. This information is proprietary and they don't have my permission to disclose it to any third party. It also damages us materially since he severely understated our subscriber base. We have 100,000 downloads per show from AOL alone.

I'm moving all my feeds off Feedburner and to a server I can trust - mine. I apologize to you for using Feedburner and for the inconvenience this may cause.

From now on please use the following URL to subscribe to TWiT:

My other podcasts will reside at the following addresses:

The Laporte Report:
Security Now!:
Radio Leo:

I have no idea how I'll change the iTunes feed - there doesn't seem to be any way for podcasters to directly communicate with the high priests at Apple, but I'm sure in time they'll notice.

The Feedburner Feeds will continue to work for a week or so, but I'll terminate them as soon as possible. Sorry for the trouble.