No TWiT For You

The TWiTs are taking this week off for the Memorial Day Weekend. See you next Sunday!

Google Video Test

TechTV Canada is testing the idea of putting some of its shows on Google Video. (I'm hoping that this will eventually include Call for Help but that's not certain.)

For the test they've posted an episode of a show Andy Walker did with Mark Saltzman called Gadgets and Gizmos.

The point of the test is to get your feedback. Send your comments regarding file size, video quality, etc., to with the subject line "Google Video".
Watch Gadgets and Gizmos

Thanks for your help and cross your fingers! Listener Stats

The March stats are in and there were a whopping 2,624,890 downloads of our shows from AOL in March. Here's how many downloads by show in a four week period:

TWiT: 262,193 (TWiT 44)
Security Now: 107,891 (SN 31)
Inside the Net: 49,823 (ITN 13)
Daily Giz Wiz: 23,057 (DGW 10)

Shows continue to be downloaded long after they're published (50,000 people downloaded the 2/19 TWiT in March, for example) so the total numbers are signifantly larger.

Thanks for listening! We appreciate your support!

Adult Content on Radio Leo Feed

My apologies. Earlier this week on the Radio Leo feed I linked to a podcast interview I did with Unrestricted Radio. I should have listened to the rest of the show. I've been told it was quite profane.

If you subscribe to the Radio Leo feed please be warned that the rest of the Unrestricted Radio show is for adults only. If you find that offensive, please delete the file from your system.

I know a great many kids subscribe to my feeds and I sincerely apologize for not being more careful about screening the third-party content. It won't happen again.

TWiT Beanies

We still don't have a store yet. Not sure what the hold-up is with our provider, but I'll light a fire under them.

Meanwhile Nitrozac and Snaggy of The Joy of Tech comics have created some Joy of Tech - TWiT swag, including a TWiT Beanie. Proceeds benefit TWiT. Enjoy!

TWiT Army At Work

Thanks to the 3rd Dragoons who have spotted a few tagged barriers at Cedar II in Iraq about 4 hours north of Kuwait border. I gather they've seen some Digg tags, too.

Thanks, guys! Stay safe and come home soon!

Ebay Auction to Benefit EFF

UPDATE: The auction ends Friday afternoon at 2:30p Eastern (19:30 UTC). Get your bid in soon!! You remember that issue of the Adventures of Superman (#648, March '06) that featured sly references to TWiT, Command-N, and Hak.5? Well now you can own your own autographed copy, sealed in plastic. This is limited edition of eight comics, autographed by:
  • Amber MacArthur (commandN, TWiT)
  • Darren Kitchen (Hak.5)
  • Leo Laporte (TWiT)
  • Mike Lazazzera (commandN)
  • Wess Tobler (Hak.5)
The top three bidders will get theirs also autographed by Hak.5's Alli and a special TWiT Pocket Protector autographed by Kevin, Patrick, the Woz, and me plus bonus TWiT swag. All the money raised will go to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their ongoing fight to protect your rights online.

Live from the Apple Store

You're invited to join us for a live taping of this WEEK in TECH, Friday, March 3, at the Apple Store in San Francisco.

Our cast will include Screen Savers Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose, Molly Wood of CNET's Buzz Report, former ABC tech reporter, Gina Smith, and Apple founder, Steve Wozniak. Special guest: Merlin Mann of 43folders.

The show begins at 6:30 (that's the show where I rush around setting up equipment like a madman), tape rolls at 7p. We will be video taping so wear your TWiTiest gear.

I will have TWiT pocket protectors, buttons, pens, and toothbrushes to give away. And if Apple lets me, Ubuntu Linux discs for the first 50 people. Join the fun tomorrow evening in San Fran. See you there!