TechTV Holiday Meetup

Frank Linhares, the indefatigable host of, has organized another meetup in Toronto.

TechTV Holiday Meetup

Thursday, December 15, 2005
No Regrets Restaurant

Besides the entire Call for Help and Command-N crews, you'll meet Security Now's Steve Gibson, Pixel Corps' Alex Lindsay, Andy Walker from Lab Rats, Darren, Wess, Jonathan, and Harrison from HAK.5, Jenn Cutter from OpenAlpha.TV, Jim and Tim from MajorGeeks, and's Chad Dyle.

I also hope to have some TWiT hoodies to give away.

Sign up now at

Podcast Expo Keynote

Tim Bourquin has posted the audio from my Podcast Expo keynote on the Portable Media Expo site. Please excuse the technical difficulties at the top.

You can also get it on the Radio Leo podcast channel along with my KFI radio show from the Expo featuring Dawn & Drew, Soccergirl, and more.

Launch Delay

TWiT 30 is stuck on the runway. We taped it Saturday at the Podcast Expo with Steve Gibson, Doug Kay of IT Conversations, Alex Lindsay, and a rotating cast of podcasters. Martin Sargent was a no-show, alas. Patrick and Kevin had to beg off. At this point we'll probably get both video and audio to you late Monday. I'll keep you posted and thanks for your patience!

Listener Survey

In order to help us get a better handle on who is listening to TWiT I've agreed to conduct a survey with Podtrac - a new company that specializes in podcast audience metrics and ad sales. If you've got a few minutes please click the button below and fill out the survey - your confidentiality is guaranteed.

I hope to use some of the stats in my keynote at Podcast Expo on Friday.


TWiT Frappr

Add yourself to the TWiT Frappr. Let's see where the TWiT army is!

Slight Delay for 27

TWiT 27 is edited and ready to post, but I've lost Internet access at my office so I can't get it up. I'll post it first thing in the morning. Video should follow tomorrow or Tuesday.

We're planning to move the tapings to Friday so we can guarantee simultaneous release of audio and video on schedule every week.

Thanks for your patience.

The People Have Spoken

I really love the polls we've been taking here. We get so many responses (usually around 10,000 uniques) that I know I can trust them.

The general consensus on our most recent poll, "Should TWiT Go Back To Closed Recordings?" seems to be that occasional live TWiTs are ok. Our plan for now is to do TWiT before a live audience once a month, taping the rest of them in a closed studio at the Pixel Corps offices in San Francisco.

We also know that more than half of you want video of the TWiTcast, so while TWiT will always be primarily audio, we will continue to offer video. In fact, we're going to upgrade the video production with the purchase of three Canon XL2 cameras. We'll figure out how to pay for them later.

Our next live TWiT will be at the Podcast Expo in Ontario, California, November 12. (I'll also be doing my KFI radio show there on Saturday.)

We'll probably do one from the Apple Store in San Francisco one weekend in December, too. And we're looking at a live TWiT from MacWorld Expo in January.

Thanks so much for your votes. The TWiT army is the most valuable resource we have, and we're trying hard to give you what you want.

No TWiT Today

I'm going to take this week off on TWiT.

A number of the TWiTs are in NYC for the Digital Life Expo and it doesn't look like we'll be able to schedule a Skype call. We'll be back next Sunday, though, with audio and video and a special interview with Creative Commons creator, Stanford Law professor, and constitutional scholar, Lawrence Lessig. See you then.

Security Now 9 Delay

Steve and I have recorded Security Now 9 - the subject is rootkits - but I just don't have the time or software I need to get it out to you tonight. I'll have to wait until I get back from Toronto on Saturday. It's worth waiting for though!

Showbiz Tonight

I'll be on Showbiz Tonight on CNN Headline News with Xeni Jardin of Boing at around 7:30p Eastern tonight (and again three hours later) to talk about the new video iPod.

We're re-compressing TWiT 26 for iPod video right now and expect to have it available from our new Broadcast Machine server this evening. The full-size version is there right now. It's a BitTorrent implementation that works with the Broadcast Machine client. Try it out and let me know what you think.